Body Shape

We believe that every body is beautiful.

We also understand that there are times in our lives where we lose confidence in our appearance and turn to oversized jumpers, shirts and jackets to feel less exposed.

Understanding your body shape and knowing the cuts and styles to compliment it, is the key to looking and feeling great.

Typically, there are five body shapes that most women can identify themselves with:


An hourglass figure typically describes a woman with shoulders and hips that are the same width apart and a small waist. 

The key to styling an hourglass frame is to follow the natural silhouette and draw attention to the waist with belts, fitted garments and neutral colours.

Avoid straight cut trousers, high waisted jeans and oversized items. Brands to look out for which will look great on you are Onjenu, Stardust, Fabienne Chapot and Berenice. 


Inverted Triangle

Women with an inverted triangle shape tend to have broad shoulders and often, a flat bottom with gorgeous long legs.

V neck tops are great for inverted triangle shapes as they help break up your shoulder line and draw attention down your body.

Stay clear of midi jackets, shoulder pads and chunky scarves. Fabienne Chapot is a brand to watch!



Pear shaped women typically have hips that are wider than their shoulders and bust. 

The secret to looking and feeling great is to accentuate the upper body with bright colours, patterns and fitted tops to show off the waistline.

Avoid oversized t-shirts that hide your waist, skinny jeans and trousers with pockets.

 Second Female and Mos Mosh have lots of shapes that will work with your body type.



Women with a rectangular body shape tend to have equal  shoulder, bust and hip measurements. They are usually tall and lean with few curves. 

To get the most confidence for this figure, focus on breaking up your body and drawing attention to the waist with belts, wrap dresses and contrasting bright colours on your top and bottom half.

Stay clear of square necklines and shapeless, oversized items.

Patrizia Pepe, Second Female and Fabienne Chapot will work well for you.


An apple shaped woman usually has broad shoulders, narrow hips and a wider midriff.

Maxi dresses are great for apple shapes as the long length helps to elongate the body. Bootcut jeans and v neck tops are also great options.

Avoid high neck jumpers, midi jackets and skinny jeans.

Watch out for Second Female, Fabienne Chapot and Mos Mosh as their blouses and dresses will work perfectly for you

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