How to dress for an apple shape

Dressing for an apple shape can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. This guide will give you tips on the best clothing cuts and styles to compliment your figure and give you confidence.

What is an apple shape body?

An apple shape is when you:

  • Have a less defined waist
  • Hold most of your weight around your stomach
  • Have broad shoulders
  • A large bust
  • Slender arms and legs

What clothing should apple shapes avoid

Many of us are apple shaped and sometimes struggle with styles that flatter our shape without adding pounds to our top halves. Sometimes it can be much easier to wear baggy clothing so that we feel comfortable. However, with the right shapes and styles, these can also take the pounds off and guarantee compliments in the process! It’s simply finding the right shapes which fit and flatter.

Traditionally we’d say steer clear of high necklines like roll tops but Onjenu seem to have done wonders with their Amber top, which despite it’s high neckline flatters an apple shape perfectly. 

Unless you’re tall we would advise avoiding a wide fitting or baggy trouser as these can make your legs look wider and your overall figure look more rectangular shaped, instead of showing off your slender legs.

Finally, avoid short or padded jackets such as bombers and denim midis. A padded jacket will make you look wider than you are and a midi jacket will cut across your body, again making you look wider instead of taller.

What should apple shaped women wear?


Perfect for summer months, apple shaped women look great in a maxi dress. The long length really helps to elongate the body and draws attention to you from head to toe, instead of straight to your waist. Try and opt for a maxi dress with a pattern or print as this also helps to scatter eyes across your body instead of on one central point.

Another alternative is a wrap dress. The crossing panels bring in the waist and emphasise the bust and hips to give an hourglass outline. You can opt for a long or short dress depending on whether you want to show off your legs or not – both will extend your torso.


The most flattering piece of clothing for an apple-shaped figure is a v neck top. They create an eyeline down your body to make it look longer and bring your waistline in.

A scoop neck is another alternative and a great option if you want to reduce the appearance of your bust size.

Finally, a peplum style top is great for an apple shape as it comes in at the waist and out over the hips, creating that beautiful hourglass again.


A long A line jacket down to the thigh looks fantastic on an apple shape. Place it over a scoop or v neck top and wear it open to create lines down your body.

If you want a jacket or coat that fastens up, go for something with a single button under the bust to again bring in your waist and create an elongating line from your waist to toe.


Apple shaped ladies look great in trousers or jeans that are wider at the ankle such as flares or bootcut. They balance out the shoulders and draw attention to a four point frame, rather than the waist.

Having slender legs, apple figures can be flexible with denim. Skinny jeans, straight cut and drainpipe all work well when teamed with a scoop or v neck top. 

Try a colour block with black jeans, a black jacket and a bright top or vice versa to keep a consistent line down your body and splash of colour to bring in your waist.

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